Web services development process

  • Create service provider: Create, deploy, test, and publish Web services bottom-up from existing Java beans, enterprise beans, etc, etc and top-down from WSDL.
  • Create service consumer
  • Secure
  • Run
  • Test
  • Discover: Browse Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration registries (UDDI) or Web Services Inspection Language (WSIL) sites to find Web services for integration.
  • Publish Web services to a UDDI Registry.
  • Build skeletons: Generate JavaBean and EJB skeletons from WSDL files. This can be helpful during the development and test phase of a project. For example, when the service is defined (WSDL), but not running at the service provider site, and the client needs to be tested, a test service provider can be created to emulate the provider.
  • Validate: Use the WSDL a validator to check for structural and semantic problems in the file. This is useful when receiving a service WSDL file from a service provider to check that the file is valid.



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