SOA means: Service-Oriented Architecture


  • Services are a means of communication
  • The services are part of the services language

They have the following characteristics:

1. Encapsulation: There is a boundary between the provider and the customer
2. Interface: it consists of inputs and outputs
3. Contract of service level agreements: the quality and the characteristics


There’s an interest of preserve the following characteristics:

1. Granularity: course-grained or fine-grained
2. Collaboration: services may be combined together to create a new service
3. Universality: everything can be seen from a services perspective
4. Composability: composing new services out of existing services


The architecture must meet the following principles:

1. Consistency: the design patterns can assist with maintaining consistency of design
2. Reliability: must be fit to purpose
3. Extensibility: a suitable design for improvements planned and unplanned
4. Scalability: the design must tolerate the increased load

Additional definitions


The major players have agreed on how to inter-operate together and are the following:

1. Oracle
2. Microsoft
3. IBM
4. SAP

WS basic profile

1. There are so many standards
2. The SOA vendors have collaborated to create a basic profile
3. A basic profile is a collection of standards that focus on interoperability
4. Details the key web service standards that all vendors should implement to allow for interoperability

Service Component Architecture (SCA)

It’s a standard that defines how a service may interact with other services and have the following members:

1. Component: It’s a piece of business logic
2. Service: This is the interface to be used
3. Reference: This is a dependency on a service
4. Wire: It’s indicates a dependency
5. Composite.xml: This file describes the SCA and the associated properties of the SCA




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